Rudy Morabito

Rudy Morabito Guitarist and multi- instrumentalist/ songwriter of many styles. Influences include Bauhaus, The Church, Deep purple, Elvis, Fred Buscaglione, God, Henry Mancini, Ink Spots, Jerry Lee Lewis, Kinks, Loop, Meccano, Gary Newman, the big Orbison, Pretenders, Queens of the Stone Age, Ruts, Shadows, These Cars Collide (circa 1980s), Undertones, Velvet Underground, Wipers, X (Australia) Yello and Zoot.

Rudy is also a visual artist when there is occasional motivation or inspiration.

Past musical projects include SoLemmyTellYou (Metal-U), Electric Rats the Amused, Maltese Earwax, Bedroom Musician, Infection the Celibate Rifles, Square Void, Long Black Veil, Vanilla Chainsaws, Bologna, and Tube of Venus, Bomba Latin Fever and Birdhouse U.K.

He is also competent live performance and recording studio Sound Engineer/Producer/Musician. Credits include a major contribution to all his original works, Atlas Strings, Madnet, Blue Million Miles, Nitocris, Dig,Whore, Warwick Gilbert(Radio Birdman) Bush Punk Cowboys and the Merchants.